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The swing dress is such a versatile piece that it can be worn for most occasions.  Depending on where you live, it is most popularly worn in spring and summer months.  It is great for both tall and petite women as well as those that are thin, average, plus sized or pregnant.  What other garment can boast that it looks good on everyone!  

Since swing dresses can be sleeveless, short or long sleeved, it is easy to find just the right style for most weather.  With so many options for shoes, jackets, and accessories found in every home closet the number of outfit ideas is almost unlimited.

As I live in the Pacific Northwest, I often wear a long sleeved swing dress with leggings, ankle boots, and a blanket scarf.  If the weather cooperates, I ditch the blanket scarf and exchange it for a lightweight jacket.  I have a favorite short denim jacket that falls above the waist line and gives a little more shape while still providing some warmth.  I often wear a little longer swing dress as it is often windy.  While a dress that falls above the knees makes you look taller it is also much easier to blow in the wind.  So, I usually exchange the illusion of height for some peace of mind that everyone isn’t seeing my underwear!

I love to travel and take any opportunity to do so.  I have learned to pack light and it is easy to make several swing dress outfits by just changing out the shoes, jewelry, and adding a jacket or wrap. The casual look is so easy to do if you wear sneakers sandals, a fun print swing dress, and a cute purse. Just change out the purse for a tote bag and you are ready for the beach.  If you are going out, wear heeled sandals, some jewelry, and a little dress jacket or wrap.  

The possible outfit ideas when wearing a swing dress are only limited by your imagination. Whether you are tall or petite there are options.  If you are petite, find a swing dress with less fabric, pick one that falls above the knee, and accessorize it with a belt, short jacket, or wear a shirt tied at the waist or bust depending on dress style.  While a petite person will struggle with finding a dress that is short enough, a tall person will most likely have the opposite problem.  Finding a swing dress that isn’t too short may be a struggle but most dresses do come with a tall option. To provide some waist definition, a belt or jacket tied at the waist might be a good idea. Style it casual or dressy by wearing sneakers,ankle boots, sandals, heeled sandals, jewelry, belts, purses or fanny packs, denim jackets, sweaters or blanket scarfs. Have fun with it and see how many swing dress outfits you can make with just one or two dresses. You will be amazed at how many outfit ideas you can come up with just in your own closet.