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I’m constantly asked about tips for ordering from Shein. After all, they’re all over the internet and just appear way too good to be true… they have to be a scam right? But after seeing a few of my friends successfully order I decided to give it a try as well!

 At this point I’ve now been ordering from Shein for about 5 years.  So, I wanted to take some time today to talk about the bad reviews that are out there, sizing, materials, shipping times etc. Once you understand the pros and cons of Shein it’s fairly easy to get products that you LOVE every time you order.

First, a little background on Shein…

What Is Shein And Why Do You Need Tips?

Shein is a store based in China offering what is considered “fast fashion” type pieces.  Now personally I’ve been moving away from fast fashion by spending more time thrifting and shopping vintage (and recently learning to sew?). But I know not everyone is there yet, so definitely look into fast fashion, but that’s not what we’re doing in this article.  Basically Shein allows you get ahold of all sorts of women’s clothing pieces that are trendy or appear to designer for super inexpensive prices.

Now obviously not everyone is comfortable shopping from an overseas brand, so this is why I wanted to cover some tips.


Check The Sizes for EVERYTHING

Chinese sizing is different than US sizing so you’ll find that there’s not consistency in the sizing on Shein.  This is probably one of the biggest complaints you’ll see about Shein in reviews from US customers.  But, if you’re looking to order from them it is easy to avoid problems with sizing by looking at the sizing chart for every piece you want to buy. Get a tape measure and know your basic measurements and just do a quick compare.  Knowing your measurements is really useful for everyday shopping anyways! I know from past purchases that my US size 10 self is anywhere from an extra small to an XXXL on Shein. So you can see why measurements and checking the sizing charts for literally everything is so important!

Check The Description for EVERYTHING

Just like you want to check the sizes on everything you also want to check the description of everything. Yes you have a general idea of how the item will fit but checking the description will show you how the item is supposed to fit and also the material you can expect it to be made out of. It will also give you just a general good idea for what you can expect so when you’re checking the sizes also check the description. 

Remember Chinese New Year

This may seem like a weird and obscure thing to mention, but this is the time of year when the Chinese New Year takes place. So if you happen to read this article and head over to make a purchase there’s a good chance there WILL be delays in your order. Chinese New Year causes delays anywhere from January to March because of the number of orders and backlog.  So allow at least a month if you shop January-March.  

Shipping Isn’t A Science

Shipping can take as little as 3 days and as long as several months.  On average I get pieces in about 10 business days. It’s common for items to be stuck in customs, or for weather related delays to happen and push your order out further. Remember these are shipping clear form China, from another government with different rules.  Give them at least a month if you’re wanting to wear pieces for a particular event.

Always Size Up Not Down!

If you check the chart measurement and it look like you’re between a size or if you’re at the top end of their sizing, just go a size up. Chinese garments tend to run on the smaller size.

Check Promo Codes

Shein always has a promo or two running so make sure you check your coupon codes! I use the Honey web browser add on to check, because it always gives me the best prices,  but you can also go to a traditional coupon site.

Don’t order pants…

Okay or do order pants, but just know that as far as sizing goes, I’ve had better luck with tops, skirts and dresses than with pants. Pants tend to be really hit or miss as do things like shoes and jackets. But if you want to order shoes or whatever, just make sure to check all the reviews.

Keep An Open Mind

Understand that a $4 top from Shein is not going to offer the same quality as a $40 top from your favorite brand here in the US. So keep an open mind in regards to quality and prices. There’s a good chance as long as your expectations aren’t too high that you’ll really enjoy your new clothes, just remember they are NOT the designer pieces that they look like. I was pretty much always happy with the quality and materials of the items I got.  But I in no way expected them to be the actual designer pieces they resembled.