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Stasia Dress Review

Today we’re doing to be doing a Stasia dress review. If you’ve ever been intrigued to start tailoring your own clothing, there’s a good chance you’ve come into contact with Sew Liberated. Sew Liberated is an indie brand that has been doing well in the space. One thing we really love about the Sew Liberated pieces is that their garments tend to become staples around here. And one of the best of their pieces is the Stasia dress.  

The Stasia Dress is an adorable knit created to be both flattering and comfortable. The Stasia Dress quickly became one of my favorites when I was able to make it with zero alterations as a newbie sewer! Even after a little research it has become evident how unusual it is to not make a single alteration on a pattern.

For the dress pattern I obviously used a knit fabric. Specifically I opted for a 90% Cotton and 10% elastane (spandex). This was after reading one review where they used Avalana Jersey Knit which is a 94% cotton and 6% elastane. This means it’s soft, comfortable, and the spandex keeps the materials looking great on all parts of my body without looking clingy.


Pattern Review

As a first time dress sewer, who has had mixed experiences with sewing patterns, I found this pattern to be simplistic AND cute.  The V bodice, scooped neckline, and slight flared skirt should work well on most body shapes and sizes. The pattern also comes with variable options for total dress length by modifying the skirt piece. You can also make easy modifications to the sleeve length for short sleeves and to the sleeve cap. Are you a pocket person? The addition of pockets is yet another modification option you have with the dress pattern. If you end up loving the dress, you can even go short and make a T-shirt out of it.  

I used a zig-zag stitching on a $100 Walmart sewing machine and it took me about a week in my free time to get it finished.  My plan now is to go back and make a T-shirt along with more dresses in several different lengths and a bunch of different colors making this pattern officially a staple in my wardrobe! For $14.95, pattern provides so many options that it really can’t be beat. 

Other things to note about the pattern: The pattern pieces are made for home printing.  You can choose to print them at a copy shop if you so desire for full-size.  But I just used my own printer and they came out great!

Another awesome thing about the pattern is how well Meg explains how to use it and various concepts.  For instance, I’d never heard of negative ease and Meg explained exactly what it is in a pattern, how it works, and why it’s important.  

As far as working with knits goes, this is a great first pattern! 


Finished Stasia Dress Review

Overall, I think that this is a great project for anyone, and an exceptional project for newbies or those new to working with knits.  It’s comfortable, flattering, easy to make and (I’ve heard) easy to modify. Plus, you’re supporting a pretty cool company.  Sew Liberated encourages you to take a stand against mass created clothing making choices for sustainability, and eco-conscious clothing choices. How? By making your own pieces with love.  While I’m not THERE yet, it’s a message and movement that as a fashion lover I can appreciate and support. I would even go as far as to say that I hope the self-sewing movement will continue to push us far beyond what we currently define “fashion” as being.


Stasia Dress Sizing Chart

 If you’re wondering if the Stasia dress pattern will work for you, we’ve included the sizing chart off of their website. All Credit For This sizing Chart goes to Sew Liberated, and we recommend you click here to check out the pattern 🙂

Stasia Dress Inspiration

One of the reasons the Stasia Dress has become so popular is due to social media.  While I haven’t taken the time to take a picture of my creation, I figured I would show you what others have been doing to inspire you to give it a try yourself!