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I’m sure you’ve heard of it.  The magical lipstick that stays on all day. The brilliance of the colors, the sparkle of the gloss…. Yes, this is another Lipsense Review.

Let’s Start With The Basics, What Is Lipsense?

Lipsense is a lip system that claims to stay on for UP TO 18 HOURS. You did not hear me wrong.  18 hours with a normal stay on power of 6-10 hours is the time the company advertises this stuff will stay on your face.

It’s supposed to last through kisses, meals, coffee and all the office gossip you’ve been waiting around to hear. Everything.

While you can buy it separately it’s recommended to buy it in the “starter” pack with a lip gloss for $55.

You did not hear me incorrectly.  $55 for a lipstick and a lip gloss. 

My current favorite lipstick is $4. So you can feel my anger at this price tag.

Anyways, the lipstick is supposed to be applied directly to the lips in three coats, let each coat dry in between layers and absolutely do not rub your lips together. You want to seal the entire concoction in with the gloss… Did I mention that the $20 gloss is the ONLY gloss you can use with your Lipsense lipstick?

The company also sells a primer and lipstick remover that I tried.


My Experience:

I actually did a LOT of research before I tried this product because I am an MLM hater and I wanted to make sure I gave Lipsense the best chance possible.

What I bought was Lipsense in a bright classic red (they no longer sell the one I bought?!), the Glossy Gloss, the primer and Opps lipstick remover.

After it arrived I gave it a try and immediately HATED how it feels. It’s super drying and it burns like crazy.  The gloss on top felt a little better, but didn’t seem to help the overall dryness underneath. Throughout the day I kept looking at the clock to see when I could take the stuff off because it just felt gross. I applied the gloss like a mad woman to try and add moisture back into my skin, but it didn’t seem to help. I also applied the gloss a lot because I read from multiple distributors that applying gloss helps to keep the color sealed in. Even so, by the end of the day the lip color was splotchy.  The brightest red had settled into the cracks of my overly dry lips, the rest was faded and the color on my “waterline” was 100% gone.  Needless to say it wasn’t a cute look. Think sad clown with dry lips that ate beets.

I tried the “system” a full week applying it a variety of ways.


Here Are My Final Thoughts:

I’m convinced at this point that Lipsense is biohazard garbage. I’m sorry, but nothing should sting your lips when you apply it.  Even if it’s just alcohol that dries in the air and thus doesn’t remain on your lips, the time it’s burning is damaging your lips.  Maybe not a lot, but it’s certainly not helping to repair the damaged dry lip tissue…. Plus this stuff is drying to start with. The gloss is supposed to help seal everything in and I’ve heard many distributors say that it helps to seal in the moisture repairing your lips. 

I actually talked to a chemist about this lip line and he confirmed that it’s highly doubtful that a gloss applied over dry lips and dry lipstick would in any way help to moisturize your lips. Typically products that hold in moisture (included glosses) are applied over a water or serum that can be absorbed. So, essentially your lips may feel a bit more moisturized while wearing the gloss, but they aren’t actually being hydrated.

I also personally didn’t like the feel of the gloss. To me it feels sort of tacky throughout the day which I personally don’t care for.

The primer didn’t seem to add that much additional staying power for the lipstick and the remover literally doesn’t work. I actually ended up on Reddit trying to figure out how to get this stuff off and a bunch of distributors admitted that the Opps remover doesn’t work and recommended a specific soap bar instead.

The one thing I feel I must say is that when I did end up on Reddit there seems to be a consensus that a lot of the red shades don’t stay as well as other colors. So I feel like I definitely need to mention that. It’s very possible had I chosen another color I wouldn’t have experienced the spottiness or the failure for it to really work that well. 

So why all the positive reviews?
M.L.M- this is probably the biggest reason you’ll see so many positive reviews on Lipsense. MLM stands for multi-level marketing. Basically people sell products to their friends and family and get commission. They also make money by getting friends on board selling the product. This isn’t a place for an MLM discussions, but basically there is a lot of incentive to try to get sales and get people jazzed up about a product when you’re an MLM distributor. There are also a lot of people who seem to actually like the product (not in red).


Also, just a pro tip, if you WANT to try Lipsense I would recommend checking eBay. You’ll get them at the distributor cost (or sometimes less).  The reason for this is because often MLM sellers end up leaving the company and just want to get rid of their stock. They leave because MLMs are a total scam… but like I said, that’s another story for another day. But if you want to try them, you can start there and decide if they’re right for you or not.