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Maybe 2020 really hit you in the style department like it did me.  Can I confess I spent most of the year in sweatshirts and leggings? And I’m not just saying that. So in 2021, even if I won’t be going out I have a goal to up my fashion game and refine my style. Today we’re going to talk about how to wear black coated jeans.

Before we get into that though let’s clear up what black coated jeans are.

Coated jeans are pants make of tradition denim materials such as cotton, elastane, and polyester coated in a waxy substrate that allows them to look and feel like leather. This is a great option for vegans, those on a budget, or those looking for an alternative to pleather leggings. Plus they’re super comfortable. 

Because black coated jeans look like traditional leather pants they can be dressed up or down for many occasions. For instance, looking to have a casual yet classic look, just throw on a T-shirt with your coated jeans.  Need to dress up? Elevate your top and add some accessories.

Before I get too ahead of myself I’ve picked out 4 stylings of black coated jeans for different occasions.


How To Wear Black Coated Jeans On Different Occasions


How to Style Coated Jeans Casually

Black coated jeans add some flare to a classic casual look. They pair well with anything from denim to graphic tees and baggy sweatshirts. Throw on a pair of tennishoes or flats and grab your favorite bag or backpack. 

Styling Black Coated Jeans For A Dressy Casual Event


Dressy yet casual? A pair of black coated jeans can elevate the look. I think one of the easiest ways to think about using your black coated jeans for a dressy casual event is to think of a work outfit and swap out your slacks for your jeans. If that’s not a look you’re going for consider simply pairing a casual top with your jeans, adding simple accessories and somewhat formal jacket- or maybe opt for a cute sweater. This pairing can give you the “I just dress effortlessly” vibe while looking appropriate for the event you’re attending.

How to Style Black Coated Jeans for Date Night

When I think date night, I think dressy casual meets sexy. Pair together your black coated jeans with heals or boots, a silky cami and black leather jacket. Then throw on some of your favorite jewelry pieces. This sleek yet hot look is sure to impress your special someone.

Other tips for styling black coated denim

It is Okay to Wear Black & Tan Together

Some people like it and some people don’t, but from a styling point there is nothign wrong with mixing black and tan.  You can throw together shoes and a belt that are tan for a pop of color that will catch the eye.  The tan also adds a flare that feels more stylish than other colors.   

Day-to-Night Casual


Remember that dressing up coated jeans is really easy so take advantage of the extra spice it adds and wear it as a day-to-night-casual. The easiest way to do this is with a casual blouse or t-shirt, your black coated jeans, boots, or heels, and accessories.  Bring a slightly more formal jacket for the evening to add to the night element.  Remember that simple things like a belt, accessories and clutch can be the difference between a day time casual look and a night time look.