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If you’re tall and curvy like I am, there’s a good chance you struggle to find pants (let alone jeans) that fit correctly.  I recently decided that I was ready for a change and that it was time to try and find my holy grail jeans. 

These Are The Best Jeans For Tall Curvy Women

1. Madewell Tall Curvy

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Madewell are a number one pick for lots of tall curvy women.  These were the only pair of jeans that actually hit on my natural waist and fit like they should throughout the legs and stomach. While expensive, Madewell will probably be the ONLY jeans I buy from now on.        

2. Gap Tall Jeans








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So here’s the scoop, Gap  has a tall section that does offer a curvier fit than other brands I’ve tried.  Now, when I was looking for suggestions online of what jeans to try, Gap was frequently mentioned, but not just any Gap tall jeans.  Specifically those for curvy girls.  A lot of people on Reddit and Facebook groups specifically said to get the Gap Tall Curvy Skinny Jeans… But I couldn’t those online.  So instead I ended up just getting a random Jean in Tall and surprisingly they fit decently well.  So, I’m not really sure if all Gap Tall Jeans are positioned for curvy women or if they just happened to fit me well. Overall, I personally rank Gap as my number 2 favorite.  If you CAN go into a store and try them on, that would probably be my recommendation. But if you can’t, I would still go ahead and buy a pair in the style that you would prefer (skinny, bootleg etc.). You can always return them, and there are LOTS of sales with Gap which means you’ll most likely get them pretty cheap. 

3. Old Navy Tall Jeans








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Cheap, comfortable, and definitely have  a curve to them.  Because they are cheaper they don’t have the same quality and fit that Madewell has, but they are acceptable in my book.  I would say that Old Navy fit me okay, but they were by no means jeans I would fall in love with. Will I wear them again? Yes. Would I buy them again? I would look for sales at Madewell and Gap first, but ultimately if I was on a really tight budget, yes. Would I recommend you try them? Absolutely!  These might be the jeans that fit you the best! If so, you’ll probably be able to get them at a super steal since Old Navy is known for having lots of sales.

4. Fashion Nova








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Catering to curvy girls, Fashion Nova is somewhere to consider looking out for some new jeans.  The best way to find jeans on Fashion Nova that will fit you is to know your inseam length and just browse their offerings.  I found several pair with inseams of 31+.  Now, I’m not a HUGE fan of my Fashion Nova jeans, but they look pretty good and they were cheap. For me, I actually got a 34″ inseam and they were too long and there was loose fabric in the crotch region that resulted in some chaffing. If I had had a 32 or 33 inch inseam that some of the other pant styles offered it’s possible that Fashion Nova would have made my top three. 

5. Levi










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I would NEVER have thought that Levi would be a serious contender here, but I actually found that Levis are a well known option for tall curvy girls.  The ones I wanted to order were completely out of stock so I didn’t get to try them. However, I was able to talk to a few girls who place Levi’s as their number one option for tall curvy girls. So definitely check them out if you’re looking at all your options!